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Guiding Principles

the Whittenburg guiding principles makes for trustworthy wealth management

We are proud of the principles we practice, because they embody what makes us different and unique in our approach to financial and wealth management. We hope you will take a moment to review our principles for yourself:

Listen first.

By listening we learn more about a client, their family, their business and their ability to get on track in their financial life more than at any point in our process.

Share the experience. 

To help improve the financial lives of our clients, regardless of their individual situation we need to get to know them out in the world, not just sitting across the table from us in our office. We visit our clients at their places of business, charitable organizations they support, or even by inviting them and their families to unique events we’re hosting.

Simplify your life.

Wealth planning isn’t intended to be overwhelming, or to make a client feel like they are late to the game. It is never too early or late to simplify your financial life, which in turn should simplify living on a far grander scale.

Live it forward.

Giving clients a sense of confidence to explore the places, people and opportunities they are passionate about, not only after they retire, but beginning today. Sound wealth planning is designed to make living your passions today ongoing reality.

Do different.

We always seek the best, not the most obvious solutions to address our clients’ needs. Our solutions run the full spectrum of possibilities, and can be new or different than what our clients have heard before. When it comes to achieving financial independence, results with integrity and value, different is a positive thing.