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Estate Planning

estate planning helps manage your legacy for your family

Estate Planning Strategies for Salt Lake City, Utah Families

At Whittenburg Wealth Partners we believe in the ties that drive a family to succeed and support one another on an ongoing basis. For many of the families we serve their current success is only one aspect of their ultimate desire to leave a specific legacy for those they value most. Each family’s legacy is unique, but many involve supporting current and future generations. We have developed a simple, but effective approach to address this need. As the sixth step in our Live It Forward Process, The Legacy Lift allows our clients to immerse themselves in the real-time decision making and action items that legacy building requires. No one can predict the future, but our experience allows us to influence legacy outcomes in a positive and tangible way by taking strong, integrated financial actions a reality. Call us to set up your family meeting, and let the legacy building begin.

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Step 1: Defining Legacy

Legacy is a big word, and defining what it means to you and your family is not simple. Together, we help you to strive, collectively to create a strong foundation that will make your ultimate wealth transfer, trusts and future gifts to one another and the world meaningful. The first step of the Legacy Lift process gives us, as your financial advisory team, the opportunity to promote internal family dialogue. Designed to open the door to multi-generational family responsibility, all while developing a legacy that will last indefinitely.

Step 2: Communicate Legacy

With wealth, comes responsibility and if a family is not communicating, or waits too long to involve younger generations it can have a lasting impact on the options available to even the wealthiest of families. It has been our experience that combining actions with dialogue early on results in moments of collective clarity that will create direct results that will stick and can become part of the greater plan. Communication helps everyone understand the scope of commitment involved in legacy creation and family synergy.

Step 3: Family Meeting

We ask you to invite all those you value and want to impact in your legacy lift plan to this meeting. It is the one opportunity we have to hear from you, in the presence of those you care for describe your hopes for your future and their's too. A legacy plan is only effective if those it benefits understand its origins. We don’t share financial details or strategy during this discussion, but we do set the parameters for your ultimate objectives in the establishment and continuation of your legacy. In turn, we also discuss the responsibilities of your benefactors in a real, but direct sense so they understand the opportunities and challenges that could lie ahead.

Step 4: Financial Planning for Next Generation

Financial Planning sits at the core of every process we implement on behalf of our clients. The Legacy Lift process allows the strategy we have built together to evolve into a tangible plan of action. The underlying goal of multi-generational planning is to close the loop on what you’ve done and what you can potentially accomplish. With our application modeling, strategic techniques and written roadmap of action you will begin to see progress that ramps up over time, while you remain in full control of the outcome. You can accelerate or minimize implementation based on your family’s time horizon.

Step 5: Monitor/Progress & Plan

Quarterbacking skills and capabilities are critical in the monitoring and implementation phase of the Legacy Lift, but monitoring and progress doesn’t happen without ongoing commitment and thoughtful support shared by advisor, client and family. We learn to act with you, on your behalf, as we strive toward achieving measured results that can be quantified over time. We do this as your legacy is beginning to impact your family and any other organizations or causes you have designated.

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