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Through our Live It Forward Process, we are able to uncover a realized and tangible value that is a combination of thoughtful planning, realistic wealth management and diligent actions. With the Live It Forward Process, we’re confident you’ll never look it forward process diagram

Step 1: Clarity Conference 

Our initial meeting is our opportunity to help you live the life you choose. To accomplish this we first have to explore the opportunities and challenges that exist in your life both personally and professionally. Our initial meeting involves an in-depth conversation so we can learn about what’s important to you, your family and the legacy you’d like to build.

Step 2: Simplicity Session

Once we have our initial conversation we’ll spend a significant amount of time identifying, analyzing and determining the spectrum of options that will allow you to simplify your financial situation in a systematic way. By applying our findings we can then create a strategic wealth map that can develop, sustain and support the life you choose.

Step 3: Concept Conversation

After presenting all your potential plan considerations we will work with you and your family to choose the concepts that will serve as the foundation for your concrete, Live It Forward Plan. The concept conversation allows us to illustrate the impact of your chosen path and overlay the projected results of these concepts on an integrated basis.

Step 4: Forward Focus Plan

With the necessary inputs in hand we are able to systematically construct your Live It Forward Plan with time horizon methodology and visual modeling that utilize the most advanced financial management techniques available at market today. Focus makes many things possible, and we pride ourselves on taking the uncertainty out of the equation by sharing our experience with you, your business and your family in this tangible way.

Step 5: Proactive Principles Session

Concepts are only valuable if they lead to pertinent and decisive actions that can evolve into powerful principles that support your overall objectives. Too often financial plans become more about form than function, for us the proactive aspect of what we do cannot be understated. Additionally, our commitment to quarterbacking your entire advisory team is critical to the immediate and ongoing impact of all our work together. Having a sound and meaningful idea is only important if it is implemented and the proactive principles session allows us to focus collectively on a timeline that will work to your advantage and preference.

Step 6: The Legacy Lift

When we reach the final phase of our process, the only thing left to discuss is distribution, meaning how will you in an immediate or long-term sense deploy the wealth and assets you have accumulated? Certainly your immediate family’s health, happiness and well-being are always top of mind. Through our Legacy Lift analysis we explore, and when appropriate incorporate these deployment intentions into the planning documents we have crafted and you approve.