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Retirement Planning

retirement planning simplifies and makes retirement easier

Strive to Simplify With Retirement Planning

As we live longer and healthier lives, the duration of a person’s retirement years continues to grow. What used to be a 10 to 15 year timeframe can now easily run from 15 to 30 years. The interesting thing is, even though longevity has continued to increase, the techniques and strategies for retirement planning have remained technically unchanged. Attitudes towards retirement, and when someone is emotionally and financially ready to make the transition don’t always align. The greatest frustration for many is how to plan for a phase of life that is constantly evolving. Clients often struggle with the very real questions of how not to outlive their money, when is the best age is to retire or even how to remain productive and engaged once they make the transition. Living on a fixed income can be a frightening thought, and not knowing if social security will be there for the duration adds even more complexity to the discussion.

We strive to simplify the conversation and remove the “what if” scenarios by placing clients back in the driver’s seat. With prudent modeling, and defensive financial actions we strive to take a significant amount of the financial uncertainty out of the discussion, leaving clients positioned to contemplate and address the psychological impact of their personal choices.

Life is full of choices, some wanted and others required, but ultimately we all want to be in a position to make the choice we choose when the time comes. For most, not having a choice is the worst scenario of all. With Whittenburg Wealth Partners on your team, you can be empowered to enter retirement and live on your terms.