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Customized Wealth Management Services

we are transparent in the wealth management services we provide for salt lake city utah

As an experienced financial advisor, we strive to understand your interests and those of your family as we work to address all your financial planning needs and drive your vision forward. Whittenburg Wealth Partners understands that every business owner, multi-generational family or corporate professional has unique financial challenges. Despite that, our wealth management clients often share a common goal: Be financially independent and live the life they desire.

We Listen First

We sit down one-on-one with you to learn more about you, your family, your business and your financial goals. We review your entire financial situation, from your 401(k) funds and insurance plans to current investments and estate plans. Our team also discusses your comfort levels with risks and stipulations or restrictions you may have with various investment options. We then build a wealth management plan that aligns your assets, as well as possible investments, with your goals.

We Coordinate

Our financial and wealth management services run the entire spectrum of offerings available on the market today. We help you choose investment opportunities that suit your financial plan. We endeavor to be holistic in our assessment of options in every aspect of our services, and have no proprietary requirements related to one strategy or product type over another. With us, you see a clear picture of your financial plan, down to the smallest detail, to help you feel confident and empowered to make sound financial choices.

If you already have an advisory team of accountants and lawyers, we’re ready to coordinate with them to push forward the plan we’ve created solely for you. We are happy to assist you in adding the necessary team members in complementary disciplines to support your objectives.

We Drive Your Vision Forward

Building a wealth management plan is only half the battle. You need proactive actions that lead to your goals. We develop a customized resource center for you, designed to deliver real-time access to any information you need. Still, if you prefer one-on-one discussions or a walk-thru to guide you with your next plan-based financial move, we’re happy to provide that as well. We aim to be the spark that drives your vision of financial independence.

At Whittenburg Wealth Partners, transparency is our goal in all we do. We never want to keep you in the dark. In fact, our goal is to keep the road bright and clear as you embark on your journey to greater financial success. We’re here to guide you. But ultimately, the right decision lies with you and your specific needs.

Please take some time to explore the wealth of services we provide, and feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more.

Wealth management isn’t only for the rich. It is also designed to help you start living the life of your dreams today, not after you retire. We are motivated to help improve the lives of all of our clients.

Whittenburg Wealth Partners understands that your life’s work is a testament to the financial ideals and principles you live by. We’re here to help preserve your wealth and point you in the direction of all your financial goals.

Over the years, we’ve developed relationships with our clients who are:

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs often have a complicated financial life that needs customized wealth management approaches. Our firm is here to help them pursue their financial objectives, both in their personal and business lives.

  • Multi-generational Families

Our services are designed to accommodate families’ evolving needs for financial and legacy management strategies that can last for generations. We’re here to plan for your family’s future.

  • Seasoned executives

Many seasoned executives struggle to decide when it’s time to leave their company and start their own business. Our services can help plan for your finances while helping you weigh your investment options.

  • Active retirees

If you’re a retiree who wants to build a business succession plan, estate planning strategies, or other wealth management plan, Whittenburg Wealth Partners is happy to give you a helping hand.

Please take a few moments to learn about which of our services offerings could benefit you and your family.

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