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Values & Fiduciary Responsibility

At Whittenburg Wealth Partners we're committed to acting in your best interest. Always. We are proud to acknowledge and address the expanded definition under ERISA of what defines fiduciary responsibility. Our responsibility relates to investment advice in relation to your retirement plan or IRA. Prior to a recent Department of Labor ruling, such advice had to be ongoing and on a regular basis. Under the new definition a one-time recommendation – such as an IRA rollover from a group retirement plan – rises to fiduciary status.
The final rule establishes a broad new definition of the term “fiduciary” and generally includes any individual or firm, such as ours providing investment advice or recommendations to a retirement plan, plan fiduciary, plan participant for a beneficiary, IRA or IRA owner.

We remain committed to serving you and your family, as we strive to meet all your financial planning needs. Those are the core principles of our practice, and our broker/dealer LPL Financial. These principles seek to align well with the Department of Labor’s goal, to protect your best interest.

The new ruling does not change the importance and emphasis that Whittenburg Wealth Partners and LPL Financial put on comprehensive, personalized financial planning to work in your best interest. You should remember:

∙ We strive to provide market-leading resources and solutions that allow you to continue to select which service model works best for our advisory relationship – whether it’s a brokerage or fee-based investment advisory account. You select how you prefer to structure the compensation approach of our working relationship. Rather commissions or ongoing, asset-based fees.

∙ We are fortunate to be paired with such a strong broker/dealer, LPL Financial. Their size, financial strength, resources and scale continue to help us serve you, and all our clients.

The new rule has an effect on virtually every financial advisor and financial services firm in the United States. Each firm has its own business model, and will have its own perspective on the potential impact on our industry and our business.

Please call us, anytime if you have questions or concerns.

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